Future Seed is in partnership with Ukuvuna, a world renowned and United Nations recognized NPO that has successfully trained disadvantaged groups across Africa in permaculture systems and the establishment of sustainable organic farms and food gardens. John Nzira, director of Ukuvuna, is the co-founder of Future Seed and renders design, implementation, training and facilitation services to Future Seed. John Nzira, utilizing his twenty years of experience, will design and manage Future Seed’s permaculture training programs and certificates. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see just a few of successful projects that John Nzira has implemented in South Africa. Please also visit ukuvuna.org


To be the leading inspiration in transforming communities through sustainable programs and economic empowerment.


To lead by example by building a self-sustaining permaculture working farm that will transfer permaculture (and other business knowledge and skills) to previously disadvantage groups to create entrepreneurship and to uplift local communities in a way that:

  • Addresses environmental and climate challenges
  • Manages biodiversity
  • Revives local culture and knowledge
  • Encourages community participation in local activities
  • Adheres to global best practices.


Future Seed’s primary objectives are to:

  • Train and educate learners on how to establish sustainable permaculture gardens (climate-smart agriculture) and businesses within their communities
  • Train and educate leaners to become teachers within their own communities
  • Become economic partners with learners to help them organize co-ops
  • Build multiple permaculture demonstration farms across South Africa
  • Create awareness about the benefits and principles of sustainable living and permaculture


Non-Profit Business Model

After startup costs and an initial real estate investment, the Future Seed will be self-sustaining. Students will not only learn on the farm, they will play an important role in planting, composting, and harvesting through hands on training. In turn, the food grown on the demonstration farm will be used to feed the learners. For many learners this may be the only substantial meal that they will have during the day, as most of the learners will be accessed from surrounding communities where unemployment figures are extremely high

A farm within the Overberg Municipality has been identified. Future Seed is currently seeking funding to purchase the farm. Future Seed will expand this success through business-to-business wholesaling to local restaurants and Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and grocery stores. All profits will be reinvested in the non-profit to sustain the farm.

  • Training will be held on a demonstration farm where individuals will receive theoretical and practical training and education in permaculture and business
  • Students will be assessed during training on the farm as well as in their community once they have developed their food garden
  • Students who demonstrate success will be provided additional, more advanced training, and will be supported in their business development efforts