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Future Seed is a unique South African non-profit organization that aims to relieve hunger and poverty through educating and up-skilling disadvantaged groups and individuals on the development of sustainable, organic farming and food gardens using proven Permaculture and climate-smart agricultural techniques.

Improve Food Security
Improve Local Economies
Standardize Permaculture

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” ~ Margaret Mead


Unemployment and job creation is a major challenge across our communities especially the youth, women and those with disabilities combined with the added strain of Covid19, jobs are almost impossible to come by. Investing in communities is paramount to addressing inequality. Ethical Agroecology and Agripreneurship is one of the few viable alternative to unlocking opportunities for poorer communities.

One important learning to take from the challenge of 2020 and the on-going pandemic is that people will always need food. Up skilling people to feed themselves, their families, start micro businesses and to share the knowledge learned with others is the only viable way forward.

At the Future Seed Permaculture Training Institute, we believe that up-skilling those in disadvantaged communities not only allows for food security, and addresses health issues, but promotes good and fair relationships while also providing and caring for our shared environment.

Our passion is to create solutions to help people to help themselves. By sharing knowledge, and hope with these disadvantaged groups, we will transform not only the communities where they reside but we will also help to transform the economy of SA.

At the core of our values, is to allow learners to master the process of growing food sustainably in order to provide good nutrition for themselves and their families and to also create micro businesses and provide employment for others in their community.

Our teaching includes growing fruit and vegetables, farming with chickens, bees, mushrooms, farming fish, learning about creating healthy soils, saving our precious water resources, constructing ecological friendly buildings, and working and adapting to a changing climate.

Our ultimate goal is to help learners to farm creatively with minimum inputs (low cost) to create maximum yields, be successful, share their knowledge while conserving natural resources and working within natures cycles.

Simbarashe Mubaiwa is our very passionate, knowledgable and innovative trainer. Simba’s rural upbringing and personal experience has lead to on-the-ground knowledge that leads to successful learners. As natural teacher with an outgoing and friendly personality, his passion is to help others to help themselves. He has trained 8 successful farmers in our area and has a WhatsApp group of many where he gives advice, shares farming videos and his ongoing support has enabled others to grow food successfully in other parts of Southern Africa.

All our training is backed by our Mentor, John Nzira from Ukuvuna Urban Farming. John has trained thousands of individuals and communities in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and is a well known figure overseas having been invited to share his skills and knowledge in Japan as well as winning an award at the Chelsea Flower Show for his Permaculture Design.


Permaculture is a system of gardening and farming that combines plants, animals, buildings, water, landscapes, eco-systems and people in a way that produces more energy than it uses, recycles all waste and nutrients, and imitates nature as much as possible to grow fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Permaculture also includes fish farming, bee keeping, worm farming, composting, and mushroom production.

We therefore believe that Permaculture training, as a climate smart system, is ideally suited to positively impact the future of farming for local communities.

Postnet Suite 195, Private Bag x51,
Bryanston 2021, Gauteng
South Africa

The Future Seed Permaculture Training Institute
Contact: Margaret Donde
Tel 082 496 6214


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Please feel free to contact us for more information or to get involved in permaculture and securing the sustainability of our future.